Eco systems

Creating optimal data systems essential to measuring the impact of educational change in every setting. By building a quality eco system, clear data insights can be provided to all that need them.

Evidence-based data collection

At Edu.Data we work with schools and organisations to take their current data practices and turn them into useable, simplistic eco systems. Many of our clients come to us with a complex network of application or large spreadsheets to be unravelled and streamlined.

Our goal

Our goal is to make your data more accessible to those who need to use it. By creating simplistic user flows we make it easier to understand. Through simplifying your data ecosystem, educators and administrators can focus on the most important data points and avoid getting overwhelmed by excessive data. This leads to better data-driven decision-making.

The purpose

When educators have clear and concise data that is relevant to their specific goals and objectives, they are more likely to make informed decisions that improve educational outcomes for students. Simplifying the data ecosystem can also help to ensure that data is used effectively, rather than being ignored or misused due to confusion or complexity.

The benefits

The benefits of our services not only include simplifying data for the user, supporting them in making data-driven decisions but also help build trust and transparency in the wider community. When stakeholders have a clear understanding of what data is being collected, how it is being used, and why it is important, they are more likely to feel confident in the decisions being made by educators and administrators.

Data collection methods

Situational analysis​​

Situational analysis looks to establish your current processes and identify the opportunities and challenges within your setting. It is a great place to start when developing your school improvement plan, a new intervention or course offering.

Big data analysis​​

Big data analysis looks at collecting and discussing data from across your setting, including from a variety of different sources to create a comprehensive picture of the activities and practices that inform your outcomes including student growth.


Our team has vast experience in organising and delivering stakeholder, teacher, parent and student interviews to collect qualitative data.


Edu.Data has vast experience in designing surveys specific to educational settings. We have several platforms available to best suit the needs of clients.

Analysis solutions ​​

Edu.Data creates web based solutions that allow schools and organisations to share analytics findings with others. These solutions allow for collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders and provide a platform on which stakeholders can monitor their progress, plan for the future and measure improvement.

“Our ​days with the Edu.Data team were really productive and I appreciated their support and guidance in establishing our schools data practices'.”

- Principal, South Australia​

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Great things are coming… Stay tuned for case study.